Record of architecture

A few days of rest at the hotel this time. Firstly because the Quinta without heating in March, the evening it was not really nice. Then everything just because we wanted, and that this season, by booking long in advance, asking price between frankly in our budget.
In addition to rest, some objectives need to be achieved during this stay.
First of all the completion of the record of architecture in order to introduce it to the cage of Olhão to start the long process that lies ahead before the construction licence. This will be made on Tuesday, March 22. A document is missing which should complement the folder after the Easter weekend.
Then, finalize the installation of the elements necessary for irrigation so that I can finish in April by the programming of the automation system. Meeting with the installer and the electrician, goals are fixed.
And for the rest of the stay, a few small eating, pretty ballads, fat matinees, breakfasts in extension…
A chance meeting with one of our neighbors interested in the grass that grows on the property, to feed his horses.
And unfortunately these famous attacks from Tuesday 22 :-(
We got back the aircraft the next day, not without some inconvenience, but especially with a bit of apprehension.
More expect the good will of the Portuguese administration for the advancement of our record, and then soon for a new stay in the Algarve.


January to the Portugal, it's winter…

Temperatures below 20 degrees, it is still better than in Belgium.
On the other hand, at the level of the Sun and the blue sky, is not really the ideal season :-(
Organization of work with various stakeholders to obtain a detailed budget for the renovation work. They are not all used to work this way, our Portuguese friends… but hey, they promised to make an effort and provide us with a first throw in 2 weeks, the future will confirm (or not).
For irrigation, same song, the work have not really advanced. Make an appointment with the electrician and explain in detail what we want… He promises to carry out the work as early as next week.
The water tank has a leak, after the installation of the EPDM membrane, I remind vendor who comes to see the problem and promises to deal…
Otherwise, the size of olives is impressive, they seem completely naked 😉
At the level of the planning for the permissions of renovation, it seems that it shouldn't count before the summer. So the next vacation will take place in the Quinta (current version), like last year.
Otherwise, we were still able to some rest us, enjoy fish and wine now well known, spend time in the company of knowledge, and then already thinking about our next stay :-)

After the rain, the fine weather…

First day, barely the foot on Portuguese soil, we need to clear that irrigation is unnecessary so far. Fortunately, the next day, the Sun is at the venue. Of course, occasionally interrupted by clouds, but overall the sky remains blue and the temperature soars above 25 degrees. Then, all enjoy a little, our getaway only lasts 5 days.


Picking of the olives

Even if the olive trees have not yet been pampered, they offer nevertheless nice olives. They are green, black, with purple hues, small large, and especially acres 😉
After picking, comes to the preparation, and the adventure will end at the corner of fire by a tasting that promises to be tasty.

Technical room, finally ;-)

The technical room is finished in time, we had planned for late September, construction was completed in early October.
The result is impeccable, neat work, very clean paint, Interior tiling and passages for the provided hoses.
The electrician is expected the third week of October to install the electrical panel, as well the work of installation of the pump for irrigation and the connection of pipes and valves can be finalised.
All of this a little later in the season, but we must comply with the rhythm of the South…
The programming of the automation system will be prepared in Belgium so as to be able to install it on the spot early 2016 and next year everything will be in place to consider the irrigation of existing trees and planting new trees and dye plants.
Meanwhile, the water tank was completed without any problems, should just add a filter because some sand is deposited on the membrane tank, and over the months and years should avoid.


Technical room, what an adventure…

The idea was to build a technical room right next to the water tank. As long as to make we thought to build it of sufficient surface to make a small garage. BUT be aware that on an agricultural parcel, it is allowed that the technical premises of a maximum surface of 9 square metres that don't require building permits. A wise…
As we begin to slowly know the functioning of the Administration, we we rabattons towards the solution "without authorization".
The work has started and should be completed before the end of September 2015. Then, we can install an electrical panel worthy of the name, as well as the automation system for water supply and irrigation. Pump irrigation and fertilization system there will also take place. The rest of the area will serve as a garden for the various tools.


Water tank

After long thought, we opted for the repair of existing water tank and the placement of a tarpaulin EPDM inside of it to seal. More openings in the basin to connect valves or pipes, they will go through on the edge of the pool. This allows installation of the covering of a piece, without point of weakness.


Water tank

The first work began, the water tank. It has been processed, repaired, consolidated. The next step is the installation of a membrane in EPDM to ensure a perfect seal. This operation is planned in the days following, but expected the glue…
This tank will be the area of intermediate storage for the water captured in the groundwater. From this reserve, water may be used to power another tank serving the House, swimming pool, but also irrigation of the entire property.
We bring the new catchment and irrigation pumps on our next trip.